Air Turn Bar  Application example

Application example 1 

Cross Inverter

The equipment shown in Image 1 is using two Air Turn Bars set in a cross formation, allowing the materials to be flipped without contact or change a direction. Turning the handles moves each turn bar along the X and Y axis. Servomotors can also be used to rotate the bars instead of handles.

The image shows three guide rolls which can be replaced with Air Turn Bars to flip the product without contact.

Application example 2

Triangle Inverter

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Triangle Inverter
The equipment in Image 2 has the same purpose as Image 1. A variety of equipment, including metal plates, can use air pressure to flip products front to back.

Application example 3

Floating Dryer

The image below shows a floating dryer using a perforated nozzle with a porous plane surface which placed either on one or both sides of the material can achieve one tenth of air speed (1m / sec) of the conventional porous board, floating and drying products on a stream of hot air.

  • Special features
  • ①Enables ultra-low tension transport.
  • ②Low tension transport prevents creasing of the product.
  • ③The area of porous nozzle is wide, uniform and delivers low air speed, preventing drift.
  • ④Floating on lower wind speed protects the coated surface from damage and skinning.
  • ⑤Expelling hot air from the porous nozzle prevents from unbalancing due to thermal deformation of slit gaps of the conventional floating slit nozzles.
  • ⑥Enables use of non-contact CPC (centering).

p16-907d3.jpg p16-907d5.jpg p16-907d6.jpg p16-907d9.jpg p16-907d10.jpg

Application example 4

Non-Contact High Density Dryer
         and Curing Furnace

  • ●An example of a dryer equipped with an Air Turn Bar.
  • ●It is non-contact and allows for shorter furnace length.
  • ●Low speed curing furnace can be used for metal foils.
  • ●The product transport is contactless, preventing heat shrinkage and creases or scratches caused by differences in heat conduction of the guide rolls used in traditional configurations.

Application example 5

In-plane crank turn
  and in-place U turn

  • In-plane crank turn in Image 1 and in-place U turn in Image 2 are made possible by contactless transport. The angle can be set freely.

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